Everybody can dance!

Dance Fitness #1 Class

Don't like working out in the gym, but still want to stay fit? We can offer you unique experience, which combines fitness & dance together! Dance Fitness classes, here in Manchester!

Our Dance Fitness classes starting in September!

In our Dance Fitness classes, we combine fitness exercises and different kind of dance styles like Zumba, Hip-Hop, Basic Aerobics and others.

Whether you hope to lose weight or tone up (or even if you just get bored of doing the same thing too much), you’ll get the results you want faster by keeping your body challenged. Mix up your regime by doing different dance classes, the more you do, the more you keep your body on its toes!

First time? Then pay only £2 for the session on the entrance!

When? Tuesday, September 5, 2017

 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Where? 10 Oxford Rd

M15QA, Manchester (The Dancehouse, Studio 3)

What to wear? This dance class soon gets hot so wear breathable, non-restrictive clothes and supportive trainers. Also, bring a towel to freshen up and a water bottle to replace lost fluids.

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