Dance Fitness

Burn some calories while dance!

for Everyone

Don't like working out in the gym, but still want to stay fit? We can offer you unique experience, which combines Fitness & Dance together! Dance Fitness classes, here in Manchester!

Dance Fitness is a type of group exercise class, which incorporates many forms of dance. It’s a full-body aerobic workout, divided into different tracks that provide peaks and troughs of intensity. The overall intensity of this dance class varies depending on the style you’re doing. Our Dance Fitness classes offer a relaxed environment where you can really let your inhibitions go, get the results you want, learn some sassy dance moves and meet some great people along the way.

In our Dance Fitness classes, we combine fitness exercises and different kind of dance styles like Zumba, Hip-Hop, Basic Aerobics and others.

Do you enjoy dancing, but not sure about your dancing skills? Want to get a great body and feel healthy without going to the gym? If your answer is "yes'', our  Dance Fitness class is the perfect solution. You can burn calories and learn new dancing steps with our best coaches. Taking part in Dance fitness classes regularly will increase your agility, transform your body, boost your confidence, ease stress and even prepares you for the dance floor on a Saturday night.

Whether you hope to lose weight or tone up (or even if you just get bored of doing the same thing too much), you’ll get the results you want faster by keeping your body challenged. Rose Dance Studio suggest you to mix up your regime by doing different classes, the more you do, the more you keep your body on its toes!

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