Rozalija Ugorenko

About Dance Teacher Rozalija Ugorenko

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Certified dance teacher with more than 4 years of professional experience teaching children and adults. Had experience teaching different kind of dance styles like Ballroom, Hip-hop, Modern Dance, Contemporary dance, Ballet and Folk dance to 3-6 year old kids, as well as 10-14 years old youngsters and adults all ages.

Professional Balroom dancer: more than 30 awards and diplomas & with more than 12 years of professional dancing experience.

Studied in Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy in Dance and Rhythmics Teacher program for 3 years, where main focus was teaching dancing to children and adults. Successfully accomplished Ballroom dancing courses and became Certified Ballroom Dance Teacher. Took part in different events and camps where taught adults to dance Salsa, Basic Aerobics and Dance Fitness. 

Passionate Fitness Ambassador with more than 4 years of fitness experience will ends up providing exceptioanal & superior Dance Fitness classes and results to our clients.